Reactive Runner Curve Treadmill

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Introducing the “Reactive Runner” Curve Treadmill from Resolve Fitness. This multi-functional machine was built with the "Total Athlete" in mind. The ultimate training platform to build and increase, not only speed, but strength, endurance, and agility as well eliminating the need for single function treadmills. The “Reactive Runner” delivers an effective and versatile approach to exercising.  The innovative curved design of the treadmill reduces impact on the ankles, knees, and hips while delivering a more natural feeling exercise experience. 4 levels of magnetic resistance control allow users to adjust belt tension and increase workout intensity and versatility via an easy to reach lever.  Speed and effort levels are determined by user output. The “Reactive Runner” yields a 30% increase in caloric expenditure versus motorized treadmills due to its unique design features. An industry leading 19”x 63” running surface enables this treadmill to accommodate all stride lengths. Built from heavy-duty commercial grade steel, the Reactive Runner possesses rugged durability and the ability to support up to 350 pounds. Ergonomic handlebar design allows for power pushing exercises. Large side rails, lengthened handrails, and tension control features make mounting and dismounting safe. The “Reactive Runner” also features a 6.5” backlit LCD console that displays Time, Distance, RPM, Total Calories, Calories/minute, Speed, Watts, Max Watts, Rounds, Sprint, and Recovery. Users can select from three preset HIIT programs (20/10, 30/90, & Custom Interval) as well as Time, Distance, & Calorie goal settings and built-in HR Receiver. A Tablet/Phone holder round out the impressive list of features on this do it all console. The “Reactive Runner” is perfect for HIIT, Sports Performance, Athletics, & Rehabilitation as well as an everyday Fitness, goal achieving machine.

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Manual Curve Treadmill Design
•19” x 63” Running Surface
•30% > Calorie Expenditure vs. Conventional Treadmills
•Heavy Duty Steel Frame Construction
•Magnetic Resistance Control (4 Levels)
•Multiple Grip Positions for Advanced  Power Training and Comfort
•Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
•Set up Dimensions: 74”L x 37” x 65.5”
•Set up Weight: 395 lbs.
Warranty: Frame = 10 yrs, Parts = 3 yrs, Electronic/Wearables = 1 yr
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